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Meritorious Unit Commendation

The Secretary of the Navy takes pleasure in presenting the

for service as set forth in the following


For exceptionally meritorious service in close combat against North Vietnamese Army and insurgent Communist (Viet Cong) forces in Quang Tri Province, Republic of Vietnam, from 5 November 1967 to 27 January 1968. Admirably fulfilling the mission of an infantry battalion while simultaneously performing the inherent mission of an amphibian tractor battalion, the First Amphibian Tractor Battalion aggressively closed with, engaged, and defeated major enemy forces in the barren coastal plains of the Gulf of Tonkin. Relentlessly conducting thorough reconnaissance in force operations against a well trained, well equipped, and fiercely determined enemy, the First Amphibian Tractor Battalion drove him from his staging areas in proximity to the vital Cua Viet Port Facility and waterway and doggedly pursued him to the Demilitarized Zone. Attacking vigorously across open, sandy terrain against well prepared and heavily fortified positions occupied by a tenacious enemy who was continually supported by heavy artillery from North Vietnam, the battalion accounted for numerous enemy casualties and captured or destroyed large quantities of arms and equipment. By virtue of their consistently effective teamwork, aggressive fighting spirit, and frequent act of heroism and daring, the men of the First Amphibian Tractor Battalion and their supporting units achieved superior results in armed conflict with the enemy. Their courage, professional competence and devotion to duty were in keeping with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.

All personnel attached to and serving with the following attached and direct support units of the First Amphibian Tractor Battalion, during the periods as set forth below are authorized to wear the MERITORIOUS UNIT COMMENDATION Ribbon

5 November 1967 to 27 January 1968

2d Platoon, 1st Armored Amphibian Tractor Company

2d section, 3d Bulk Fuel Company

Detachment, 11th Engineer Battalion (Mine Sweep)

Detachment, Company C, 3d Engineer Battalion (Water Point)

Detachment, Headquarters Company, Headquarters Battalion (PX Personnel)

Detachment, Radio Relay Section, Headquarters Battalion, 3d Marine Division

Detachment, 3d Engineer Battalion (C-4 Water Point)

Detachment, 3d Dental Company

Detachment, Target Acquisition Battery, 2n Battalion, 26th Artillery, U.S. Army

Subteam, 15th Combat Intelligence Team

Subteam, 7th Interrogation Translation Team

                (6 November 1967 to 16 December 1967)

Company F, 2d Battalion, 4th Marines (Reinforced)

                (16 November 1967 to 27 January 1968)

Section W Battery, 1st Battalion, 12th Marines

                (16 November 1967 to 27 January 1968)

Company C, 1st Battalion, 3d Marines (Reinforced)

                (17 December 1967 to 27 January 1968)

Section Company A, 3d Tank Battalion

                (20-31 December 1967)

Company A, 1st Battalion, 3d Marines (Reinforced)

                (20-27 January 1968)

1st Platoon, 1st Armored Amphibian Company

For the Secretary of the Navy,

Commandant of the Marine Corps.


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