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The 1st Amphibian Tractor Battalion

The Operations and The Battles

Operations Hickory, Buffalo, Hickory II and Grouser I
Starting on May 18, 1967 the Marines launch their first major offensive operation into the southern half of the DMZ.
The First Operation Hickory
Operation Hickory-Belt Tight-Beau Charger-Lam Son 54
Operation Hickory II  - Part 1
The Plan and the View from the Top
Operation Grouser I
The Sequel to Hickory II
Operation Buffalo
Between the Hickories
Operation Hickory II  - Part 2
The View from the Ground
Operation Fortress Sentry
From the book "War Without Heroes"
Story and Photos by David Douglas Duncan, U.S. Marine Corps.
The Village Chief and the Assassins
The lead up to January 20. Viet Cong infiltrate the village of My Loc, the Chief asks for help.

The Cua Viet is Threatened.
The Marines of the 1st Amtrac Battalion meet the NVA at the start of TET.
The Enemy Offensive in the DMZ and Southern Quang Tri, 20 January-8 February 1968.
The Battle for Dong Ha.
The Marines meet the 320th North Vietnamese Army Division in a hamlet known as Dai Do. 
29 April - 5 May 1968.
14 days at Nhi Ha.
The Army's 3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry meets the NVA in the village of Nhi Ha north of Cua Viet.
1 May - 15 May 1968
North Vietnamese Army Map
Enemy Action Plans for the DMZ from Khe Sanh to Cua Viet - Spring/Summer 1968

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