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Installation Coordinator

The assignment, the AmGrunt is born.


3d Marine Division (Rein) FMF

FPO San Francisco 96602




Date:   19 APR 1967

From:   Sub Area Coordinator, 11th DTA

To:       Commanding Officer, 1st Amphibian Tractor Battalion, FMF


Subj:    Assignment as Installation Coordinator, Cua Viet Port Facility


Ref:      (a)  CG III MAF 1tr  3B/mff 5400 of 3 Sep 66

(b)   MACV Directive 10-4, dtd Dec65

(c)    Div LOI 1-67

(d)   Div0 3100.1C

(e)    Div0 12300.1


1.                In accordance with the provision of references (a) and (b), you are designated Installation Coordinator, Cua Viet Port Facility.


2.                As Installation Coordinator, you are responsible for the establishing administrative and control procedures for the purpose of regulation communal activities and for providing common rules for the use of shared facilities.  Specifically, you are responsible for coordination in the following functions.


a.                   Internal security and base defense measures.

b.                  Travel and individual security precautions.

c.                   Preservation of order and discipline.

d.                  Morale.

e.                   Recreation and welfare.

f.                    Military police functions.

g.                   Motor vehicle and traffic regulations.

h.                   Safety.

i.                     Post Exchange facilities.

j.                    Liaison with RVNAF within or adjacent to the facility.

k.                  Messing.

l.                     Billeting, to include adequacy and appearance.

m.                 Medical support and sanitation measures.

n.                   Transportation.

o.                  Repairs, utilities and camp police.

p.                  Real estate and construction.

q.                  POL support.

r.                    Religious activities.

s.                   Special Services activities.


3.                    The above coordinating functions will fulfilled by use of units and personnel assigned to the Cua Viet Port Facility.


4.                    The following guidance and tasks are assigned in connection with base defense measures at the Cua Viet Port Facility.


a.                   Control and coordinate the overall defense of the facility.


b.                  Assign tenant unit responsibilities for manning sectors of the perimeter and integrate the defensive efforts of all tenant units located within the facility; ensure that required internal communication are established and ensure detailed reconnaissance of positions/sectors has been accomplished by tenant units.  Each tenant unit will be responsible for providing the required internal security in its own area.


c.                   Maintain a minimum posture of adequate surveillance of the perimeter during daylight hours.  During hours of darkness, man perimeter defensive positions and maintain reserve/counterattack force.  Saturation patrolling, listening posts, outposts and ambushes will be maintained beyond the perimeter.  Aggressive patrolling out to maximum mortar range and surveillance over avenues of approach are essential for the defense of the facility.  Selected outpost will be manned at all times on designated terrain features.


d.                  Prepare plans for maximum use of supporting fires to provide illumination, defensive fires on enemy avenues of approach, prearranged concentrations, final protective fires, and fires in support of counterattack forces.  Artillery will be positioned by the Commanding Officer, 12th Marines to provide defensive fires for the Cua Viet Port Facility.  9th Marines FSCC will exercise coordination authority for attacks delivered by supporting arms in support of the Cua Viet Port Facility, in order to ensure maximum effectiveness of fire support, with particular emphasis on troop safety for all friendly units.  Requests for supporting arms fire will be submitted to the 9th Marines. 


e.                   Constitute and maintain local reserve/reaction/counterattack force.  Prepare counterattack plans, as required, to contain, seal off and destroy enemy penetrations of the perimeter and to restore the perimeter defense integrity.  Select routes of movement, assembly areas, lines of departure and counterattack objectives for reinforcement/counterattack in each defense sector.  Supporting counterattack fire plans should limit penetrations, seal off the area of penetrations, destroy enemy forces within the area of penetration and support the counterattack force.  Submit definitive defensive fire plans to Commanding Officers, 9th Marines and 12th Marines.  The 9th Marines will maintain Sparrow Hawk reaction force available to assist in defense at Cua Viet, as required.


f.                    Conduct defensive drills, both day and night, to include rehearsal of counterattack plans to insure all units are completely familiar with and capable of rapid effective execution of assigned defensive tasks.


g.                   Construct defensive installation and position and emplace tactical wire obstacles around the defense perimeter to impede and delay an enemy attack, so that reserve/reaction/counterattack forces may block and counterattack any enemy penetration of the perimeter.  Portable wire obstacles be employed on access roads where they intersect the defensive perimeter.  Minefields will be established only upon specific permission of this Headquarters.  Defensive positions will be constantly improved and measures to strengthen defense and reaction posture will be implemented as appropriate and unit commanders at all echelons of command will ensure alertness and attention to detail on the part of all personnel concerned with security of the encampment area.


h.                   Develop and promulgate procedures to assure maximum safety for personnel during the conduct of an enemy attack.  Indiscriminate firing will not be permitted.  Officers and NCO’s will positively enforce fire discipline.


i.                     The general traces of the perimeter will be reported to Commanding Officers, 9th Marines and 12th Marines in overlay form showing defensive positions, and fire support planning.  Boundaries are, in fact, no fire/bomb lines.  As such they prohibit the employment of supporting arms by on outside source without prior approval of the Installation Coordinator.


j.                    When the Cua Viet Port Facility is under attack, the Installation Coordinator will assume operational control of all tenant units in area and coordinate defense activities.  All tenant units will be responsive to Installation Coordinator in matters of area defense.  Local defense drills shall be conducted by the Installation Coordinator at his discretion.


5.                    Command Relationships


a.                   Operational and administrative control of tenant units located at the Cua Viet Port Facility is not affected by this letter.


b.                  As Installation Coordinator you are delegated the authority to publish directives, as required, applicable to all tenant units, in the discharge of responsibilities enumerated in paragraph 2. above.


c.                   In case of disagreement on the part of tenant unites with directives issued by you in accordance with this letter, the matter will be referred to the Headquarters.


d.                  The Commanding Officer, 9th Marines will establish the limits of the Cua Viet Port Facility security area for purposes of coordination with other friendly forces, and will exercise coordination of fire support of the facility.


6.                    Administrative Instructions


a.                   Administrative Functions.  See Annex Q to reference (c).


b.                  Rules of Engagement.  See reference (c).  RCA is authorized.


c.                   Reports.  See References (c) and (d).


d.                  Communications.  See reference (c).


e.                   Medical Facilities.  Company D, 3d Medical Battalion located at Dong Ha.


f.                    Screening of VN Nationals.  See reference (e).





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CO, 12th Marines

CO, 9th Marines




Special thanks to Brad Bowman for providing this document.
Brad's father, LtCol A. R. Bowman was Commanding Officer of 1st AmTrac Bn
from 01-Nov-66 to 15-July-67

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