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Map of Cua Viet, Vietnam

and the surrounding area.

Map printed by U. S. Army Topographic Command - Date 9/69

Map "A" Low Resolution - 50kb High Resolution - 295kb
This map covers the mouth of the Cua Viet River where 1st. Amphibious Tractor Battalion was located.  It includes the villages of My Loc, Mai Xa Chanh and Nhi Ha.
Map "B"


Low Resolution - 47kb High Resolution - 299kb
This map covers the coast from Cua Viet up to the DMZ and the Ben Hai River.  It includes the villages of Nhi Ha, Lam Xuan and Xom Phuong.
Map "C"


Low Resolution - 53kb High Resolution - 341kb
This map covers up to the DMZ and the Ben Hai River.  It includes the village of Gio Linh.
Map "D"


Low Resolution - 62kb High Resolution - 372kb
This map covers the area south of Cua Viet down to the City of Quang Tri.
Map "E"


Low Resolution - 64kb High Resolution - 398kb

This map covers the area upriver from the village of Mai Xa Chanh.  It includes the Marine Combat Base at Dong Ha and the villages of Dai Do, Dinh To and Thuong Do.

Map "F"


Low Resolution - 64kb High Resolution - 373kb
This map covers the area west of Dong Ha on Hwy 9 out to Cam Lo.
Map Legend


High Resolution - 234kb
Map Information as of 1969.  It includes a small glossary at the bottom.

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