Apricots on Amtracs...a bad thing!

"Maybe it doesn't matter much how the legend of apricots on Amtracs started,
as much as, it matters that apricots on Amtracs are a bad thing!
- Al E. Gator -

As a 2nd Lt with 4th Platoon, Alpha Company, 2nd Tracs in the late 1980's, I secretly tried to test the theory about apricots on Amtracs. As we set out from the ramp at Courthouse Bay for an exercise where we were to swim out the French's Creek inlet into and across the New River, I hid some of the dried little orange looking fruits in my CVC suit pockets. Our platoon had just received new high-pressure hydraulic lines for our bow planes on the AAVP7A1's.

Tragedy struck halfway across the river. The telltale smell of burning hydraulic fluid and the sight of smoke in my face told me the new lines had busted. We were on fire! Thankfully, the crew chief Corporal Price and crewman LCpl J. D. White with Radioman LCpl Frank Buchanan quickly took the proper action and got the hog to shore and put the fire out. The smoke was awful and the hog smelled nasty. After some time we got repaired with new lines that a maintenance contact team brought forward and were underway again. As we swam to catch up and our platoon sergeant, GySgt John Gibson, pulled in behind us and saw me throwing something out of the turret...it was the wretched little apricots!!! I deep sixed those things and fessed up to the crew and later the platoon.

The theory about apricots on Amtracs is true--I'll not test it again. Apricots on Amtracs are a bad thing... Semper Fidelis and YAT-YAS!

LtCol. David L. Coggins, USMC
10 Nov 2003